Yesterday I went to the library and checked out the picture book “Fortunately.”  The Japanese version of this book is bilingual Japanese/English.  Wonderful!  We went through the book saying “Fortunately–yokatta ne!” and “Unfortunately–Taihen!”

Maisy books (only the Japanese versions) are also bilingual Japanese/English.  Our library has a bunch of these books and we have read them all.  Lovely little books.  (The Fairy Tales book by Lucy Cousins is NOT bilingual.  Unfortunately.)

This book, and others like it, are also bilingual Japanese/English.  I find the English a little stilted, and they are heavy issue books that might scare sensitive children.  Important issues, though.   This one is about landmines.

Here is another one I found at the library. I have not read it with my son yet, but it looks lovely:

Bilingual にほんご・えいごのえほんがあります。でもざんねん、にほんのほんやくだけです。American publishers, get with the program!