Anyway, so I was at work and the man next to me had just taken the Toeic test. I asked him about it and so he gave me last year’s exam………to do. Right then and there.

So (considering that he is my boss) I took the test.

I breezed through the vocabulary part. It was probably similar to the SAT? I suppose. Anway, I got a 100 percent on that part, no problem. They were words like “onerous” but because I was fitting them into sentences, it was easy peasy.

Next, it was answering questions about essays. This was a lot harder. The essays were long, dense, and containing subjects like genetically modified rice. It took me a while, and I had to read EXTREMELY carefully because it was tricky. Nevertheless…….I missed one.

Okay. I was being forced to take the test, it was my lunch break, and I had a headache. Excuses Excuses. I know.

Anyway, I admit that I did miss one. It was tough. Yeah, it was tough.

Toeic をうけました。ひるごはんのやすみじかんのときに、しごとで。ろんぶんはむずかしかった。。。。。。。ひとつまちがえました。はずかしいいいいいい。