What does it mean? Quick! Quick! Quick!

I was asked the meaning of the word “onerous” at work and I thought about it. It meant something bad, I was sure. So I pointed at a photo of the infamous murderer Shoko Asahara and said, “He is onerous.”

Well…..actually it means

: difficult and unpleasant to do or deal with


: involving, imposing, or constituting a burden : troublesome


: having legal obligations that outweigh the advantages

according to http://www.merriam-webster.com/.

Okay, Asahara is a little more than onerous. Actually, a lot more than onerous. He is not exactly “troublesome.”

So it got me thinking that I need to improve my English vocabulary!

onerous はなんと意味ですか?しっていますか?私も知らなかった!私は米国人ですけど!ジャーきょういっぱい使います。Darling, housework is onerous.  Honey, isn’t homework onerous?  Gosh darnit, cooking dinner every night is an onerous task so let’s all go out to eat!