If you needed a reason to learn Japanese, here’s a good one: the 1954 original Godzilla movie in Japanese. The way it was meant to be viewed!

How we came about watching Godzilla: My son is really into Ultraman. He told me that one of the monsters in an Ultraman show (there are MANY monsters) is actually a Godzilla costume with extra stuff added to it. So that made me think that the Ultraman series evolved out of Godzilla and so I borrowed the original film from Tsutaya (the local DVD rental shop.)

Well, I am glad we watched it. It was a lot of talking and really long, but the Godzilla parts were pretty darn cool. We can cross this movie off our bucket lists.

Here is a clip. Honestly, you can watch the clip, get the gist of the movie and save yourself a lot of time and 100 yen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5BdVuBoUGc (Although like I said, I am glad we watched it. Something to brag about when conversation runs dry!)