I chose this book about a girl who thinks she can’t draw because it seems perfect for older kids. The storyline is deep and resonating, yet the English is very simple. There is a lot of “Can” and “Can’t” plus colors.

Our library has the Japanese version, but unfortunately did not have the English version. The other library mom said I should translate it into English, but I dunno….I’m a purist. I have translated like that for my own son, but I wanted the REAL THING for these kids at school.

And besides what better excuse is there to buy a book that I have really been wanting to buy for years? So I bought it in English.

It really is perfect, except one quibble. The colors listed in the Japanese and English versions don’t match! What is up with that, man? Everything else matches, but not the colors? This crazy book is going to leave the kids thinking that red means yellow. ( They wil leave thinking 赤 means yellow.) So we changed that, but man stooooooopid translator.

I need to get on the ball and pass the JLPT and become a translator and fix these dumb problems!