Kodomo Shinbun (Newspaper for children)

We have started subscribing to the Kodomo Shinbun in Japanese. It was my idea. I thought that my son would get lots of word power from its pages. In reality, I am the one reading far more than my son. (Despite the accompanying photo…..that is a little misleading!)

I bring it to work and read it in my free time. I don’t read all of it, just the news articles that interest me. The vocabulary can be difficult so I need my translator. However, it uses furigana, so at least I am able to read it (unlike a newspaper for adults that does not use furigana.)

I am going to take my old copies to Japanese class today and see if the teachers, or perhaps other students, want them. It is a really wonderful way to learn! I just wish my son was more interested.

UPDATE: I talked to another mom yesterday and she said they took the Kodomo Shinbun for a year and her son never read it, so they stopped taking it.