Scary movies. That is what we argue about.

My husband says, “I was watching horror movies when I was six. It’s good for him. Builds character.”

I say, “I wasn’t watching scary movies when I was a kid. I still don’t like them! Scary movies are scary!”

My own personal point of view is to let my son decide what he can handle. He has a pretty low threshold for scariness (he inherited that from me.) Kamen Rider and Ultraman is about as high as he goes.

Okay, anyway, we could not see Ender’s Game due to schedule conflicts. So my husband suggested Gravity. I was fine with that and checked commonsense
It says that the movie is good for kids fourteen and up. (My son is eleven.) So I read the review and told my son a bit about the scary parts so he would know what to expect. In the end, he decided against and we stayed home and watched The Fox and the Hound on cable. (And thoroughly enjoyed it, I might add.)

I don’t know if I made the right decision. Maybe I should have just taken him to the movie. Am I making a wuss out of him? According to my husband, I am. It is so hard to know what is child appropriate!