Well, we have been focussing on Greek myths. I myself am definitely not very knowledgeable about Greek myths. I think that stems from having gone to Catholic school, where we learned about Holy Days rather than Narcissus.

Anyhoo……… I like to tell my son bedtime stories, but unless I have a book in front of me I am pretty horrible at it. “Um and then the Um what’sits name it um…” Like that.

So I went to Starfall for the very basic versions of Greek myths: http://www.starfall.com/n/level-c/greek-myths/load.htm?f

Aren’t they darling?

My son came over and read the Trojan Horse one. (A story I do actually remember from my childhood.) And then that night, with him in the crook of my arm, I ended the story: “Then the Greeks climbed out of the wooden horse at night and invaded Troy.”

“Whaaaaat????????” was my son’s reaction.

He had read the Starfall story and thought that they had a big party together! The Starfall story totally leaves out the part that goes, “The murdered the men in their sleep, raped the women, and kidnapped the children.” (And to be honest, I left that part out , too. I figured the handy word “invade” covers it all.)

So anyway, Starfall is cute, but it glosses over things. The next story is even worse. It ends with Atalanta winning the race and not necessarily getting married. Further research tells me that Atalanta did indeed lose the race and got married.

But Starfall is a reading site, not a story site. And I do think Starfall rocks. Nevertheless……………………