As you may know, “Anna and the Snow Queen” is the Japanese translation for the movie “Frozen.” We saw the movie in the States and both my son and I loved it! Luckily, my son did not previously see the ads for it, because he might have balked at seeing it—it looks pretty girly and princessy. But like I said, we both adored it.

It does not come out until March in Japan. But I saw the “mae uri ken” on sale already. (These are tickets you can buy before the release date at a discounted price.) Usually, Disney movies don’t have mae uri ken, so I was surprised.

I considered buying it so my son can watch the movie yet again, but I reigned in my impulse to spend. We have quite a few movies that we want to see (Ender’s Game, Doraemon, Crayon Shinchan.) So it is a full schedule.