Japanese Podcast is for me, but it turns out that my son can enjoy it, too.

My level is advanced and so I have been listening to Miki’s Blogs, which are entirely in Japanese. I do this only when my son is at school. (When he is home, I prefer to read to him or study Japanese from textbooks.)

Anyway, I looked at lower intermediate to see what it was like. It is basically very easy for me, but there are a few words I don’t know, like “flight attendant.” (The Japanese word for flight attendant escapes me even now.)

I turned on the lower intermediate while my son was at home, and he really likes it! He finds the dialogues funny–an old woman mistaking the names “Chuck” and “Jack”, or two young men catching a squirrel at the park. The lower intermediate contains a mix of both Japanese and English, so I feel like he is getting a bit of both languages. For example, they used the word “こる“ (Koru) and translated it as “particular about” so my son asked me about that expression.

So it was well worth our money. Something to listen to in between reading books and homework!

The company does lots of different languages. I listened to the English one a bit, although I am not willing to pay money for the full version of the English site.