Today’s Yomikikase….in English!
As I have posted, I volunteer in the group that reads books to the elementary school students.  Well, my English book readings were so popular that they wanted more.  So I volunteered to do special English versions on Tuesdays.  Today I did “Snow” by Uri Shulevitz with the sixth graders.  I will do this book for each class until the end of the year in March.

First, we did flashcards that I made.  They were pretty easy for the sixth graders, but there were a couple words they did not know (like “beard”).   Then I read the English version of the book while the sixth grade teacher read the same pages of the Japanese version.  It did not actually translate exactly.  The second page of the Japanese version of the book says (directly translated) “There from the gray sky one flake of snow flew down.”  Whereas the the second page of the English book says, “Then one snowflake.”  Totally different feelings!  The Japanese version is beautiful, but the English version is clear and sharp.  Too sharp, perhaps, thought the Japanese publishers? 

Anyway, I finished up with the flashcards once more. 

I love the book “Snow”.  It is not too babyish for these older kids, yet the English is really simple.  Luckily the library keeps both the Japanese and English versions available for loan.   And it is oh so appropriate for a day like today when flakes are swirling down bit by bit and I can just imagine some little child in our town insisting that there will indeed be snow.