Well, I signed up as a member. I won’t say how much it cost, because the price is constantly changing. (They are always offering discounts.) But I told DH the price and he said, “That is so cheap!”

I am very pleased with Japanese pod 101 so far. I can listen and stop the recording when I like. That’s something I can’t do with a real conversation. Plus I can follow along with the script. That’s another thing I can’t do with a real conversation.

Also, in real conversations, people sometimes dumb down their conversations so I don’t get a challenge. Or ask me the same annoying questions over and over. (“How long have you been in Japan?”) Or like today, I had a nice conversation with an elderly lady, but she used the local dialect….something I can’t make head nor tail of!

I generally do the advanced level on Japanese pod 101, and I do it while my son is at school. I do have headphones so I can possibly do it while he is at home, but I don’t really like to have my face in a screen while he is here. If I do do it while my son is home, I do the intermediate level. It has both English and Japanese and my son and I can listen together. Intermediate is a little easy for me, but I have still learned stuff. I don’t know if my son is learning stuff…..but he did laugh during one of the dialogues. So he was enjoying it!