After three weeks of waiting, a box from Amazon arrived yesterday. It contained a 2014 MET artwork calendar, an Eric Carle advent calendar, a new Scholastic workbook, and a kanji book for me. I also ordered a journal for my son, but that is what kept me waiting for three weeks. Honestly, I may never get the Journal.

I really like the Scholastic workbook. I like it better than his other Scholastic workbook “Reading Comprehension.” The Reading Comprehension is full of exercises that make me roll my eyes. Just really time consuming stuff (and we don’t have time!) that doesn’t really teach very much. For example, “fill in the Venn Diagram using the examples below.”

This new one is cut and dry. What does “gulp” mean? Why, yes, my son, it means “to drink.” Bravo, darling, bravo. Now go gulp down your juice and finish getting ready for school.