I just finished “Quiet” a book about introversion. I am happy to say that, according to this book, I am a socially poised introvert. Flatterer. I’m happy to not fit into other categories, like the annoying and obnoxious extrovert or the awkward and reclusive introvert.
There seems to be a spate of books out there with one word titles: “Blink” “Drive” “Bonk” “Quiet” I was not even planning to spend my money on this book, but the price went down so low I could not resist. It is clear that the author has thought long and hard about her marketing tactics.

Anyway, I was thinking of some new books one could write. For example,

“Click: Pushing that little button on the kindle to buy yet another book that will improve your life.”

“Buy: That is what I want you to do. Just buy this book right now.”

“Scream: What you will do when you see your credit card bill”