This is the stuff that my son does with me at his side.

Explode the Code——Yes, my son is ridiculously old for this. Here is what is taking us SOOOOO long with this series. First, we do the half books. (for example, book four and a half, if you are not familiar with ETC.) Second….and this is where it gets ridiculous….he does HALF a page every day. HALF a page. That is why it is taking us years to do the series. Oh, well, I am thinking the tortoise and the hare.

All About Me Journal….I don’t love this journal. It is oh so girl and filled with questions like, “What makes you sad?” We did the Coke/Pepsi journal before this and it was more his style. Nevertheless, All About Me is good enough and does (sort of) make us think.

Scholastic, fourth grade…..I don’t like the exercises in this book, but I do love the reading passages. It is extremely American. What a patriotic little book. This is fine because I am American. However……I think I would get annoyed with it if I were say, Australian. (What, George Washington, AGAIN?) American publishers might be smart to have a world view. Two versions would be ideal, the American one and the international one. Just like CNN.

Japanese Jhs book: This preps for jhs. It is actually more useful than I expected. It cuts past the fluff (looking at you, Scholastic) and goes straight for the meat.

Countries: I found this while cleaning. It is for little kids, but it is so gosh darn cute and sweet that I did not want to waste it. My son writes the country’s name in English and Japanese, and finds it on a world map. This is easy for him because they just finished countries in school. So anyway, this book is a cooldown, light and easy and fun.

We are almost finished with the Scholastic book and the journal so I made an order and the delivery woman (Yes, a woman) should be here any minute. Box Day. LOVE IT!